We hope are inspired by what you’ve seen here and consider joining this remarkable creative community.  We’d like to introduce you to this program and help you access an ArtCenter education.

Scheduling a visit to ArtCenter

The best way to experience our program is through a visit. Call us for a tour of the campus or to meet with an Admissions Counselor for an individualized counseling session. If you can’t visit, we offer phone and Skype counseling as well.

Call 626.396.2373

For campus tours at 2:00pm, Monday through Friday;

For individual counseling and Portfolio Advisement Sessions.

Visit the Admissions section of the main ArtCenter website for full information on the application process and financial aid to the College.

When you are ready to apply

Visit the Admissions section of the main ArtCenter Website for full information on the application process and financial aid.

Applications are accepted for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters;

There are no set deadlines, you can apply as long as we have room;

Watch the video, “Begin Here”, with information and inspiration about preparing your Graphic Design portfolio;

You can visit us anytime us for further advice on portfolio preparation;

Submit the application for admission on the main website;

Submit all high school and college transcripts along with any required test scores;

Submit your Graphic Design portfolio. 

Affording the cost of education

Financial aid and scholarships are available, and are based on merit and need. 

U.S. students please complete the FAFSA and visit the Financial Aid section of the ArtCenter website for a link. 

International students are also eligible to apply for scholarships, but do not need to submit financial documents.