Undergraduate Gx

In our Undergraduate Graphic Design Program we foster the highest standards of creativity and critical thinking, visual and cultural literacy, craftsmanship, professionalism and collaboration, leadership and ethical purpose, and a readiness to be lifelong learners.

The creative industry is demanding a new generation of graphic designers who can readily stretch their skills across a wide range of analog and digital media to create communication design that successfully cuts through the white noise of our convoluted visual environment.

Our curriculum consists of multiple areas of emphasis that reflect the scope of professional opportunities: print and branding, packaging and environmental graphic design, motion and visual interaction design, as well as transmedia design.

Graduate MGx

2-Year Program

Our regular program consists of 4 full terms plus a Summer term reserved for a studio independent study plus a recommended internship. Please see below our course of study and course descriptions. Please note that some of these offerings might be subject to change.

3-Year Program

If an incoming student needs additional design skills to complete the graduate degree, a three-year program (2 additional terms) is offered. The undergraduate courses will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the student. After these two undergraduate terms, the student enters the traditional MGx course track.