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Graphic design is a process to create change. Change is made to happen by designers committed to great ideas. We educate designers to excel in craft and technique, and more importantly, develop a unique vision with smart concepts.

We believe design is critical to business, our communities, and society. We extend the boundaries of design in all directions. We create the leaders of the next generation of the creative profession.


Seen on Campus


From Dezeen:

ArtCenter Viewbook features 40,500 unique modernist-inspired covers

US designer Brad Bartlett used an algorithm to give each copy of design school the ArtCenter's prospectus a different cover, playing on the modernist graphics of alumnus Alvin Lustig.

The Viewbook is a publication that the ArtCenter College of Design puts out every two years for the benefit of prospective students.

It profiles the work of students and recent graduates and covers programmes of study at the Californian design school.

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