Most graduate graphic design programs in the U.S. focus on critical theory and radical exploration, primarily working in print media. Our focus is on craft, skill, leadership and strategic thought across all media with a goal of practical professional improvement and creative vision.


Our program incorporates typography, form, meaning, and craft across all media. We also place a high emphasis on entrepreneurship, leadership, and management. Both, with a focus on practical, yet exquisite, unexpected, and reality-based professional solutions.


Graphic design is a process to create change. Change is made to happen by designers committed to great ideas. We educate those designers, to See, Do and Lead. We make design influential in companies, communities and society and extend the boundaries of design in all directions. We create leaders to globally drive the next generation of the creative profession.

2-Year Program

Our regular program consists of 4 full terms plus a Summer term reserved for a studio independent study plus a recommended internship. Please see below our course of study and course descriptions. Please note that some of these offerings might be subject to change.

The typical length of study for the MFA in Graphic Design is two years: four full terms, plus one ArtCenter Lite (ACL) summer term.

3-Year Program

If an incoming student needs additional design skills to complete the graduate degree, a three-year program (2 additional terms) is offered. The undergraduate courses will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the student. After these two undergraduate terms, the student enters the traditional MGx course track.


Positioning of ArtCenter Graduate Graphic Design and other leading programs

Ziyi Xu: Graduate Thesis, ArtCenter Graduate Graphic Design