In our Undergraduate Graphic Design Program we foster the highest standards of creativity and critical thinking, visual and cultural literacy, craftsmanship, professionalism and collaboration, leadership and ethical purpose, and a readiness to be lifelong learners.

The creative industry is demanding a new generation of graphic designers who can readily stretch their skills across a wide range of analog and digital media to create communication design that successfully cuts through the white noise of our convoluted visual environment.

Our curriculum consists of multiple areas of emphasis that reflect the scope of professional opportunities: print and branding, packaging and environmental graphic design, motion and visual interaction design, transmedia, and spatial media.

Transmedia Fluency is the term we use to describe our approach to teaching graphic design: a discipline that has transcended its role as commercial art practice to that of an essential and universal tool for communicating the multi-dimensional experience of a place, product, service or personality in every imaginable context.

Our curriculum accommodates two different kinds of students and creative personalities: generalists, who want to produce work across the entire scope of communication design, and individuals who are passionate for a very specific media format.

For both student types, our program offers a nourishing environment for creative discovery with effective student advisement tools, that help each individual to establish his or her own learning path. We facilitate such a self-curated curriculum through intensive mentorship readily accessible to students. Dedicated faculty directors curate, oversee and mentor each of our graphic design areas of emphasis.

Immersed in such a culture, our highly motivated students expand the boundaries of graphic design, thriving in an exploration-centered environment that boldly envisions the future. Consequently, the graduates from our program are highly sought after by the most exciting and disruptive global brands like Uber, Tesla, Google, Facebook, Nike, and creative agencies like IDEO, R/GA, Local Projects and other future-forward organizations.

Course of Study
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Transmedia Fluency:
The ability to communicate a message across multiple media including print, motion, visual interaction, packaging, and spatial media